Enhancing and Celebrating St. Peter’s Church

The Grade I listed St Peter’s Church has been an anchor for the area, which has seen significant change. Understanding, enhancing and celebrating the setting of St Peter’s Church is a fundamental part of our proposals.

New Green Space

We want to create an oasis of calm around St Peter’s Church and One Chapel Place, to draw people off Oxford Street and give them an attractive outdoor space to enjoy and rediscover the Church. Attractive planting will add greening and promote biodiversity.

Revitalised Public Realm

Building upon the new retail/food and beverage offers delivered by the adjacent redevelopment of the House of Fraser and Debenham’s department stores, we aim to bring Chapel Place forward as a new dining/amenity area drawing on successful local precedents such as St Christopher’s Place, W1.

Modern next to heritage assets

The historic setting of St Peter’s Church has evolved. In shaping our proposals, we have explored how successfully new buildings, of varying scales can sit adjacent to historic buildings, in particular churches in a contemporary setting. We believe the existing context of 20th and 21st century buildings surrounding the 18th century Church has created the opportunity for a striking contemporary development at One Chapel Place.

Providing a calm and unifying backdrop

The current roofscape behind St Peter’ Church when viewed from Wimpole Street has numerous rooflines behind it that vary in height and shape.

The proposed new building would create a new unifying ‘canvas’ directly behind the church and across the ground plane, presenting a significant benefit in appreciating the space around the church in Chapel Place and from Wimpole Street.